Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Inspired by this guy...

So I love men's clothes. They're always so simple and crisp. I feel like they have far fewer decisions to make than we do in the mornings...or evenings...or in the store.

Plus, I'm kind of a guy. I look for ways to wear women's clothes with a menswear influence, and in some cases, I just wear the guy's clothing. I was looking for something completely unrelated to clothing, and I stumbled on this guy. Love what he's wearing so I thought I'd try to make it work with a feminine twist. My plan would be to push up the sleeves of the sweater and roll the shirt cuffs outside of the sweater cuffs in a similar way to the dude. Personally, I'm not much for hats, but it might look good on you. Jeans are always easy; I have to have this watch; the bag is simple and kind of androgynous. Then the shoes. Can we talk about how great loafers are? I hate flats, but have fallen in love with the look of a pair of loafers and skinny jeans or pants.

Now if only it wasn't 80 degrees here...
Inspired by this guy...

Dries Van Noten v neck cardigan
$325 -

Forever new
$51 -

Genetic denim

Laptop bag

News boy hat

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