Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Beachside to Barside

Oh, Florida. I never thought I'd miss the beach until I moved away from it. I'm still in Florida, but Tallahassee is not 20 minutes away like where I used to live. One of my favorite things in the world is spending the entire day drinking on the beach and then walking right into the bar for the night. It's so simple and so free. Just roll up the towel, toss a dress on top of your suit, tuck the sunglasses on top of your head to hold back salty hair, and go on in to keep the party moving. No worries about hair or makeup. No need for heels or flashy clothes. In fact, just this little gold cuff is a big step for that environment.

One of my favorite places to do that was always The Dock on Pensacola Beach or Juana's Pagoda on Navarre. We'd set up in the sand in front of or down a little ways from either place, swim, play volleyball, get some sun, drink with strangers all day. When the sun went down, it was only about a 50 foot walk and no door (that's door) right into the bar. I think all of life should be that easy.

Beachside to Barside

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