Thursday, May 9, 2013



Beach by ecl11b featuring hot shorts

Hot shorts
$19 -


Emilio Pucci beach tote bag
$655 -

Gucci sunglasses
$390 -

Paradise Beach mural

Sex sells?

Sex sells?

Tall shirt
$31 -

Skater skirt

Brian Atwood red suede pumps

Chanel quilted handbag

H m
$6.19 -

Britney spears perfume
$29 -

State Park

Country Club Tea

More stuff on sale! Now I'm just creating themes.
Country Club Tea

Wallis floral print dress

Badgley mischka pumps

GUESS wrap watch

Aqua beaded jewelry

Cole haan

Jessica simpson hat

Things on sale today

Thought it might be fun to go through the sale stuff and put together some outfits. Here's the first attempt.

I love how these are things I would probably never have for independently. I love all of these items, but I probably would have passed them by just because I either already have similar things or, well, because the color scheme wouldn't have been my first choice. Seeing it together now, though, it definitely works. That's what's so awesome about sale shopping. I have some great things that I would never have looked at unless I saw them on sale. Pretty cool creation for random stuff pulled from clearance racks.
Things on sale today